Schodack Community Summit


A Vision For The Future of Schodack Schools

More than 60 members representing all corners of the Schodack community got together on September 17, 2013, for an evening of brainstorming and visioning. The topic was the future of Schodack Schools – envisioning what schools might look like in 2020 and how the District can prepare for that today.

The District finds itself at a crossroads – facing declining enrollment, changing educational standards and aging facilities. Plans for a winter vote on school improvements are progressing, but the Board of Education wants the vote to be more than just about bricks and mortar. In fact, the Board and Administration are committed to making decisions that are driven by the educational program – and not simply what it is, but what it should become over the next decades.

While aging facilities and infra-structure will be addressed, the District must decide what facilities and programs are viable for the future and how to ensure that any projects are consistent with future plans both structurally and educationally.

With that in mind, seven groups each representing all aspects of the community grappled with two main questions:

  1. 1.What skills and characteristics does the student of the future need to succeed in life?

  2. 2. How must our schools change to address the projected needs?

Ideas were brainstormed and presented to the larger group. On October 17, 2013, the Board of Education reviewed the findings and refined them into a framework for study. They have charged the planning team with engaging faculty and staff in a discussion about how schools might change to meet the needs of our community for decades to come.

Below, you will find buttons numbered one through seven that will take you to the “MInd Maps” created by each team along with the oral report made by the team to the larger group.